Car Bibbe with Bibbe Hansen at HOWL Gallery c. 2017

Photograph by Sean Carillo

Ladder Poem with Bibbe Hansen and Sean Carillo at TRIPTYCH, curated by Shanekia McIntosh c. 2018

Photograph by Tomm Roesch

Photograph by Andi State

Things You Do Seldom at CR10 created by Eliza Coolidge, Bianca Hildenbrand, and Timothy Severo c. 2016

Pictured playing a drill next to "yesterday's milk" by Rose Salane

Variations on a Bean Sequence by Alison Knowles. Performed by Bibbe Hansen, Sean Carrilo, Ryan Slauson, and Rebecca Ruth Borrer c. 2016 at UCONN for Franklin Street Works

"Fair is foul and foul is fair..." as Hecate in Macbeth c. 2010

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