TheΒ Green Screen Project, in collaboration between the Hudson Area Library, the Hudson Youth Center, and artist Rebecca R. Borrer. The project is a public art installation that invites any passerby to transform their surroundings through video editing techniques. By the simple act of painting a wall green, we will open up citywide access to this pivotal component of video production. With this project, you don't need to have an expensive studio or proper lighting to make a movie-- all you need is to get outside and start filming!
Videos made with the #hudsongreenscreenproject:
Break Free
by a Beautiful Racket
a songwriting class created and led by Anneice Cousin
"Break Free" written by the students Alena, Aveliz, Liz, Lola, and Nyasia

Beat by J
Footage by Rebecca Borrer and Kulton the Maker
Video by Rebecca Borrer + filmed partially at the Hudson Green Screen
A call to action based on a true story.
Thursday, August 6th, 2020
Promenade Park, Hudson, NY
From SJLA:
Why we are marching:
- to demand an extension of the eviction moratorium in New York State
- to cancel rent for the remainder of the pandemic
- to regulate short-term rentals in Hudson
- to house houseless people
- to make Hudson affordable for us to live and grow

Ariel, Nadia, Ava, and Salma
+ Nick
Ava and Rebecca
Project Coordinator:
Created by:
++ stay tuned for more videos! ++
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