The Green Screen Project  - a collaboration between the Hudson Area Library, the Hudson Youth Center, and artist Rebecca R. Borrer. The project is a public art installation that invites any passerby to transform their surroundings through video editing techniques. By the simple act of painting a wall green, we open up citywide access to this pivotal component of video production. With this project, you don't need to have an expensive studio or proper lighting to make a movie-- all you need is to get outside and start filming!
Videos made with the #hudsongreenscreenproject:
Break Free
by a Beautiful Racket
a songwriting class created and led by Anneice Cousin
"Break Free" written by the students Alena, Aveliz, Liz, Lola, and Nyasia

Beat by J
Footage by Rebecca Borrer and Kulton the Maker
Video by Rebecca Borrer + filmed partially at the Hudson Green Screen
A call to action based on a true story.
Thursday, August 6th, 2020
Promenade Park, Hudson, NY
From SJLA:
Why we are marching:
- to demand an extension of the eviction moratorium in New York State
- to cancel rent for the remainder of the pandemic
- to regulate short-term rentals in Hudson
- to house houseless people
- to make Hudson affordable for us to live and grow

Ariel, Nadia, Ava, and Salma
+ Nick
Ava and Rebecca
Project Coordinator:
Created by:
++ stay tuned for more videos! ++
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