Upcoming Events:
February 15th 2019: Information Session with Matt Norman & RRB
Talks on solar energy & ancient mythology

May 17th 2019: ~an exploration of sensory phenomena~ part 3
Performers TBA
~an exploration of sensory phenomena~
a 4-part series focusing on complete audience bombardment through the senses. There are 5-6 performers set up in a round. Each performer plays back-to-back for 3-15 minutes. At the end the performers improvise collectively, finding ways to interact. The audience is encouraged to make themselves comfortable.
The first in the series took place on April 13th 2018 with: Peter McPartland, Tomm Roesch, Rebecca Ruth Borrer, Jen Kutler, and Ethan Evans. Each performer had their own visual (made by RRB) accompanying their performance.
The second in the series took place on November 17th 2018 with: Asia Sosnowski (Pinecone), Sarah Van Buren, Emily Ritz, C Lavender, Dale, and RRB. Each performer had their own visual element accompanying them and additionally a scent: Jasmine, Orange, Pine, Frankincense, Palo Santo, and burning film shown by Katherine Bauer.
The third in the series is upcoming and will add the sense of touch alongside sound, scent, and sight.
Other events include:
October 5th, 2018: Tomm Roesch, String and Shadow Puppet Theater (Olympia, WA), the Night Pets
January 4th, 2019: RRB, Fame Swaz, Palberta, and the Window

~Casual Lighting~

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